What went wrong on Sewol?

Published 11:23 PM EDT, Thu May 15, 2014

Story highlights

284 have died on Sewol ferry, since accident on April 16, a month ago

Blame has fallen on crew, ferry operating company, South Korean government

Captain and three crew members have been charged with murder

(CNN) —  

A month after the Sewol ferry sank, leaving 284 people dead and 20 missing, the incident set off a bout of national soul searching in South Korea over what went wrong.

Much of the blame has fallen on the ferry’s crew, who scrambled to safety while the passengers were told repeatedly to stay put. Four of them have been charged with murder, prosecutors told CNN Thursday. The company’s CEO has also been charged with “causing death by negligence, as well as causing the capsizing of the ship in the line of duty.”

Beyond the ferry’s owners and crew, the sinking has spurred a debate about governmental oversight and what preventive measures could’ve been taken. The South Korean