CNN Student News - May 5, 2014

CNN Student News - 05/05/14
CNN Student News - 05/05/14


    CNN Student News - 05/05/14


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May 5, 2014
Mixed reviews surround the latest U.S. jobs report. We'll explore why it makes some analysts hopeful and others pessimistic. Today's show also updates viewers on conditions in Ukraine, and we debunk some popular myths about Cinco de Mayo. Also featured: a trip to the gym with a CNN Hero who's helping others find inner and outer strength.
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Media Literacy Question of the Day:
In your opinion, what questions should viewers ask when presented with data about the U.S. economy?
Key Concepts: Identify or explain these subjects you heard about in today's show:
1. unemployment rate
2. Odessa
3. Cinco de Mayo
Fast Facts: How well were you listening to today's program?
1. According to the latest federal jobs report, how many jobs were added in April? What happened to the unemployment rate? What do different analysts say about the numbers?
2. According to the report cited in the video, what does the job market look like for the Class of 2014? What are some reasons why graduates face a tough job market? How do hourly wages for recent graduates compare to those for the Class of 2000? What is the difference between hourly wages for high school and college graduates?
3. According to the video, what are some of the emotions seen in the city of Odessa? Why? What happened there between different groups of protesters?
4. What does Cinco de Mayo actually commemorate? What happened in Puebla, Mexico in 1862? According to the video, to what extent is Cinco de Mayo actually celebrated in Mexico? When is Mexico's Independence Day?
5. Who is Ned Norton? How does running make him feel? What has he done to provide exercise to people with various physical limitations? How did he get started doing this? How do these individuals benefit from his training?
Discussion Questions:
1. What is meant by the term "unemployment rate"? What does the unemployment rate tell us about the state of the economy? Why does this number only tell part of the story? How might either Democrats or Republicans use this number at election time?
2. What do you think are some things a high school or college graduate could do to stand out among people seeking jobs? How might you give yourself an advantage in a weak job market? Who might you talk to to get ideas about how to get a job in your chosen field?
3. What are some health risks that might be associated with a lack of mobility? How might the kind of strength training seen in the video provide people with a more positive outlook? How important do you think a positive outlook is to a person's quality of life?
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