Quentin Tarantino refiles suit against Gawker over 'Hateful Eight' script leak

Oscar-winning screenwriter and director Quentin Tarantino says he is still working on the script for the Western.

Story highlights

  • Last month, a federal judge dismissed his original suit
  • The suit seeks more than $1 million
  • "This time they went too far," Tarantino says, of Gawker
Aaaand ... take 2!
Not one to give up, director Quentin Tarantino has filed an amended lawsuit against the gossip website Gawker for linking to the leaked screenplay for his next movie, "Hateful Eight."
Last month, a federal judge dismissed his original suit, ruling that Tarantino had failed to prove that Gawker's actions was direct copyright infringement.
The judge, John F. Walter of the Central District of California, then gave Tarantino's lawyers until Thursday to refile.
And so, they did. And they're seeking more than $1 million.
Tarantino's lawyers are arguing that Gawker encouraged a reader to 'leak' a copy of the screenplay, downloaded it, and then made it available to the public by linking to it.
"Gawker has made a business of predatory journalism, violating people's rights to make a buck," the amended lawsuit says. "This time they went too far."
How it all began
"Hateful Eight" is a Western that Tarantino said he was hoping to take on as his next project. It's in the same genre as his 2012 hit "Django Unchained," a movie that won him an Oscar for writing and a Golden Globe for best screenplay.
He told the gossip site Deadline that he'd given the script to only