South Africa's historic 1994 election

Published 8:29 PM ET, Fri April 25, 2014
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Twenty years ago, South Africa made the final strides to ending apartheid with the 1994 election, the country's first multiracial election. Magnum photographer Ian Berry documented the life of South Africans under apartheid, including the historic election that led to Nelson Mandela being elected president. Here, women await the arrival of Mandela at an African National Congress rally. Ian Berry/Magnum Photos
Eugene Terre Blanche, leader of the all white AWB (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) party addresses a rally of his supporters. Ian Berry/Magnum Photos
Crowds call for Mandela at the Soweto football stadium. Ian Berry/Magnum Photos
A team of independent workers instructs black voters on the voting process. Ian Berry/Magnum Photos
Mandela is mobbed by journalists before an ANC rally. Ian Berry/Magnum Photos
Members of an Inkatha faction set out to attack a village of ANC supporters. The Inkatha Freedom Party and ANC had differing ideas for how South Africa should be run, which led to some violent conflicts. Ian Berry/Magnum Photos
Mandela speaks before the elections that brought him to power. Ian Berry/Magnum Photos
At a small country voting station, a solitary elderly white woman is led in to vote by her black companion. Ian Berry/Magnum Photos
At dawn on election day, a line of South Africans wait to vote. Ian Berry/Magnum Photos
Mandela and ANC leaders drink a toast during the ANC election victory ball. Ian Berry/Magnum Photos