Explosion in Karachi kills 4, injures 30

Pakistani residents gather beside the wreckage of a car after a bomb explosion in Karachi on April 25, 2014.
An explosion near a provincial government motorcade rocked a residential area of Pakistan's most populous city on Friday, killing at least four people and injuring 30 others, a provincial spokesman said.
The blast happened in Karachi as three provincial government cars were moving along a road, said Sharjeel Memon, information minister for Sindh province.
Blast at fruit market in Pakistan
Blast at fruit market in Pakistan


    Blast at fruit market in Pakistan


Blast at fruit market in Pakistan 01:18
The vehicles were badly damaged, Memon said. One car belonged to the province's cultural secretary, though the secretary wasn't in the vehicle, Memon said.
It wasn't immediately clear whether any of the dead or injured had been in the vehicles.
Memon didn't give details on what caused the blast, though he described it as an attack on the vehicles.