A relentless journey

Updated 8:39 AM ET, Fri September 14, 2018
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In 2014, Norma Bastidas, then-47, was gearing up to break the record for the world's longest triathlon. In her journey from Cancun, Mexico, to Washington, Bastidas hoped to swim 95 miles ... courtesy Norma Bastidas
... bike 2,932 miles ... courtesy Norma Bastidas
... and run more than 700 miles.
About 30 miles into her attempt, Bastidas had to start over because her GPS tracking device malfunctioned. Without proper data, the miles wouldn't have counted for the Guinness World Records. courtesy Norma Bastidas
A year earlier, Bastidas didn't even know how to swim. But on March 20, she finished the swimming leg of the triathlon in the Caribbean. courtesy Norma Bastidas
Filming is under way for a documentary about Bastidas' journey. The child advocacy group iEmpathize hopes "Be Relentless" will help fight human trafficking in the United States and Mexico. courtesy Norma Bastidas
"I stand and I speak," Bastidas says about being a victim of sexual abuse. "I do not quit. I do not give up. They can take everything except my dignity." courtesy Norma Bastidas
After finishing her swim, Bastidas jumped on her bike to travel more than 2,900 miles from Cancun to Atlanta. "You're only as strong as your greatest accomplishment," she says. Courtesy iEmpathize
Mexico's federal police escorted Bastidas as she biked an average of 130 miles a day through the country. Courtesy Norma Bastidas
Bastidas crossed the U.S.-Mexico border at Laredo, Texas, on April 4. Courtesy iEmpathize
In an April 15 posting to Facebook, Bastidas wrote, "Finally I got to the running (portion) of the triathlon. Just like a triathlon has three sports, I am also tri lingual. (S)wimming is like my Japanese, didn't come easy and I can do it but I have to think a lot during to get it right. Cycling is like my English, very comfortable can do it incredibly well but running is my mother tongue, I feel at home." Courtesy Norma Bastidas