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Updated 1:01 PM ET, Sat April 4, 2015
San Clemente blood moon irptSan Clemente blood moon irpt
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A glowing blood moon is seen from San Clemente, California, in the early morning hours of April 4. Tom Murphine/CNN iReport
Shannon Chase rose early on Saturday to photograph the total lunar eclipse from her home in Carbondale, Colorado. Shannon Chase/CNN iReport
A bright blood moon hovered above Alam Singh's apartment balcony in Melbourne, Australia, on April 4. He was excited to take these shots because he said the city is usually enshrouded by cloud coverage. Alam Singh/CNN iReport
BG Boyd created a composition of the total lunar eclipse between the span of two hours Saturday morning in Tucson, Arizona. There are 10 minutes between each frame, he explained BG Boyd/ CNN iReport
Paulo Solano combined three different exposures using HDR photography to create this beautiful image from Van Nuys, California, of the October 2014 lunar eclipse. The second "blood moon" of the year could be witnessed throughout North America, as well as over most of the Pacific and much of East Asia. Courtesy Paulo Solano
Abe Blair says it was cloudy when he got up to take pictures of the blood moon, but he decided to try anyway. "I am glad I trusted my gut feeling," he said. Blair had picked this tree out earlier in the day, but he had to hike for about 15 minutes in the dark to get there. He shot a two-second exposure for the moon and a 20-second exposure of the tree, and then combined the images in Photoshop. Courtesy Abe Blair
There's a nice juxtaposition between the blood moon and a building in Los Angeles that made Animesh Ray wonder, "Which is better?" "Perhaps it is not our place to compare but only to contemplate their mutual synergy, one enhancing the other," he said. courtesy animesh ray
Bob Cozzi got up early to see the blood moon over North Aurora, Illinois, at 6 a.m. on Wednesday. "With the clear sky, it feels like you're on another planet," Cozzi said. courtesy bob cozzi
It was the first time Nicholas Scott Page from Dayton, Washington, saw the blood moon."I stayed up in April to try and catch the last eclipse but cloud cover spoiled my plans to photograph it," he said. Courtesy Nicholas Scott Page
On the other side of the world, the blood moon appeared at night. Hayden Himburg saw the eclipse from Dunedin, New Zealand, Wednesday just before midnight. "I have seen previous blood moons, and they are always impressive," he said. Courtesy Hayden Himburg
The lunar eclipse hovers over Marie Diaz's home in Virginia Beach, Virginia, early Wednesday morning. Courtesy Marie Diaz
Mike Escott was up at 3 a.m. to photograph the blood moon from his home in San Francisco. He was inspired to set his alarm clock early and head up to his roof to document the lunar event. Courtesy Mike Escott
Brian Greenberg enjoys doing astrophotography and captured the blood moon in Victor, New York. Courtesy Brian Greenberg
Nate Paradiso created this composite image of the April 15 lunar eclipes, as seen from the foothills of Boulder, Colorado. Courtesy Nate Paradiso
CNN iReporter Dan Huntley mostly does landscape and travel photography, but he turned his camera to the sky for this shot of the "blood moon" over Dallas in April. Huntley has seen eclipses before but not a blood moon. He described it as being "quite amazing." Courtesy Dan Huntley
iReporter Heith Pino of St. Helena, California, used an intervalometer and a shutter release to capture a photo of the April blood moon every four minutes. He stitched together six shots to create this time-lapse photo series. "I was blown away by the colors it reflected and knew I had to brave the cold, chilly evening to capture it," Pino said. Courtesy Heith Pino
Jeffrey Root shot this photo of the April 15 blood moon through a telescope in Salt Lake City. Courtesy Jeffrey Root
High school sophomore Ahan Malhotra and his dad captured this composite image of the blood moon over Miami early April 15. "My dad and I have been planning to view this for many months, and it was truly a breathtaking experience," said Malhotra, an astronomy enthusiast who likes to photograph "mostly galaxies and nebulae." Courtesy Ahan Malhotra
The April 15 blood moon passes over Port Orange, Florida, in this time-lapse image from Kenneth Ngyuwai. Courtesy Kenneth Ngyuwai
Photographer Tiffany Chee-Stalnaker captured this radiant shot in Plano, Texas, early on April 15. She says she's always up at night and this time, the sight was "beautiful." Courtesy Tiffany Chee-Stalnaker
Robert Ondrovic drove around for 90 minutes -- and 70 miles across the New York City suburbs -- before he found a clear patch of sky in April. Ondrovic used his mobile Wi-Fi to live stream Doppler radar images to his laptop, where he created this composite image. "One of my tougher moon shots to say the least," he said. Courtesy Robert Ondrovic
No stranger to astronomical photography, J. David Osorio photographed the different phases of the lunar eclipse. He started photographing at 10:45 p.m. April 14 and stopped at 3 a.m. April 15. See more of his photos of the moon's progression. Courtesy J. David Osorio
Osorio was part of a small group of past and present physics students from California State University Northridge that got together to view the lunar eclipse and blood moon. "The meeting was spontaneous," said Osorio, an alumnus.

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Courtesy J. David Osorio
Osorio joined students and alumni for the photography session on top of a parking structure at the school. Using telescopes, they were able to capture some clean images before the sky clouded over. Courtesy J. David Osorio
Norm Keally stood outside in 28-degree weather to capture the start of the lunar eclipse in Fort Collins, Colorado, early on April 15. "I felt fortunate to be able to witness this eclipse," he said. Courtesy Norm Keally
Kyle Hansen stood outside for an hour in 25-degree weather on April 15 to get this shot of the blood moon over Burnsville, Minnesota. He said it was "very cool to see the shadow of the earth on the moon." Courtesy Kyle Hansen
Joel Morales says he superimposed 100 separate images to create this progression photo of the blood moon over Dundedin, Florida, in April. Courtesy Joel Morales
René Dietrich says he was up until 3 a.m. on April 15 to capture this photo from his back yard in San Juna, Puerto Rico, and had to be back up at 7 a.m. to get to work at his dental practice. He says it was worth losing sleep to "see this spectacular show nature offers to us, completely free!" Courtesy René Dietrich