Comedian Artie Lange suffers 'diabetic shock,' is hospitalized in Michigan

Artie Lange appeared on '"The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon" on March 12.

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  • "Sorry for missing gigs," Lange tweets from hospital
  • The comedian is in a hospital "outside of Detroit"
Comedian Artie Lange suffered "diabetic shock" and was admitted to a Michigan hospital Tuesday, he tweeted.
"Trying to get better," his message said. "Sorry for missing gigs." His tweet included a photo of himself in a hospital bed.
Lange, 46, did not disclose what hospital he was in, only that it was "outside of Detroit."
Another tweet said his road manager was there and taking care of him.
Although ill, Lange's notoriously harsh and self-deprecating sense of humor is intact. He retweeted a Twitter message from a fan -- or perhaps non-fan -- that read: "too bad u didn't croak u waterpig."
Lange has been touring the United States with his stand-up show. His Saturday show set for Los Angeles has not been taken off the online tour schedule.
Lange was a cast member on the sketch comedy series "MADtv" in 1995 and 1996. His popularity rose when he joined Howard Stern's radio show in 2001 for an eight-year run.
His own bio describes his comedy as "decidedly non-PC."
His autobiography "Crash and Burn" reveals his struggle with drug addiction, including heroin use and rehab treatments.