Oscar Pistorius: ‘That’s the moment that everything changed’

Story highlights

Pistorius recounts events on the night he fatally shot girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

"That's the moment that everything changed," he says of hearing a sound in the night

He says he was "besotted" with Steenkamp, and probably more "into her" than she was into him

Pistorius denies firing a gun through a car sunroof, one of three gun-related charges

Pretoria, South Africa CNN  — 

Oscar Pistorius broke down on the witness stand Tuesday, sobbing as he recounted the moment he realized he had fatally shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

“She wasn’t breathing,” the track star heaved as he described the February night more than a year ago. The judge adjourned the murder trial as Pistorius’ emotions unraveled and later ended proceedings for the day.

The Olympic sprinter had been explaining how he came to shoot Steenkamp, and how it didn’t dawn on him at first that she, and not an intruder, may have been behind the bathroom door at which he fired his pistol.

“I didn’t want to believe that it could be Reeva inside the toilet,” he testified.

Pistorius said that after hearing noises, he made his way to the bathroom, pistol in