Showcasing Syrian short films

Updated 11:06 PM ET, Mon March 16, 2015
Abounaddara Syrian film collective of god and dogsAbounaddara Syrian film collective of god and dogs
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The Abounaddara collective is made up of Syrian filmmakers who produce short vignettes about their countryman. The film "Of God and Dogs" won the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. The film features a soldier with the Free Syrian Army who admits to killing an innocent man. It ends with him in tears. Courtesy Abounaddara
Not only are Abounaddara's filmmakers anonymous, so are their subjects. In "The Unknown Soldier" series, a man in the Free Syrian Army describes his life and disillusionment. Courtesy Abounaddara
Though the shorts are not overtly political, subjects don't shy away form sensitive topics. In "Marcell", a young woman reveals she refuses to wear a veil because she doesn't want to set a precedent in her country. Courtesy Abounaddara
Often, it's difficult to tell where the films are set. "Syria: Snapshot of History in the Making", however, is obviously shot inside the country, against the backdrop of air raids. Courtesy Abounaddara
In "Lady of Syria", a woman gives beautician training to a group of school girls in a Syrian village. Courtesy Abounaddara
In the three-minute short, "The Islamic State for Dummies", an unnamed man in an unmarked office describes how the religion has evolved in 1,600 years. Film collective Abounaddara showcase subjects with a range of belief systems and religious backgrounds. Courtesy Abounaddara