CNN Student News - April 4, 2014

CNN Student News - 04/04/14
CNN Student News - 04/04/14


    CNN Student News - 04/04/14


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April 4, 2014
On today's show, we report on a shooting at a U.S. Army base in Texas. We also continue our Financial Literacy Month coverage by explaining what it means to default on a student loan. And oceanography factors in to this program, as we define gyres and how they collect trash where people have never set foot.
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Media Literacy Question of the Day:
How might a sound knowledge of world history benefit a news reporter? Can you think of other subjects you're studying now that would be important to a journalist?
Weekly Newsquiz: The following questions relate to events that were covered this week on CNN Student News. Write your answers in the space provided.
1. What is the term for the spot on the earth's surface directly above an earthquake's starting point?
2. NASA is asking the public to vote for its favorite redesign of what piece of equipment?
3. According to a Stanford study, tens of thousands of what devices placed in the oceans may help reduce the power of some hurricanes?
4. What's the term for the total amount of money a student will pay for a year in college, including tuition, living expenses, and books?
5. Mary Barra is the CEO of what major U.S. automaker?
6. What city is home to the world's busiest airport?
7. What World Series champion team visited the White House and met with the president this week?
8. This week, a powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of what country?
9. Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Princeton and Cornell compose what group of colleges known for its academic excellence and social prestige?
10. In which direction do gyres rotate in the Southern Hemisphere?
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