Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 could spur air safety changes

Updated 10:11 PM EDT, Fri March 21, 2014

Story highlights

Beijing-bound Flight 370 disappeared two weeks ago with 239 aboard

Debris was spotted in the southern Indian Ocean on Sunday

Despite intensive search efforts, the debris has not been located.

Mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight could lead to important changes in air safety

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Cameras in the cockpit. Real-time streaming of communications and flight information. Increased capacity flight data and voice recorders. Transponders that detach on impact and float.

Once the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is solved, there are changes in air safety that might result from the lessons of the disappearance of a jumbo jetliner in the age of instant communications.

The technologies – each of which has its supporters and its detractors – come into question as the search for Flight 370 enters its third week. Here’s a look at some possible technological changes:

Camera images beamed from cockpit to ground

Investigators would be able to see and hear all that transpires in the cockpit.

Former American Airlines pilot Mark Weiss and other experts agree that images could prove highly important during investigations.