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Family tragedy inspires Westgate hero

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Kenya marks six month anniversary of the Westgate mall attack

Using the hashtag #Westgate6Months, Kenyan took to Twitter

At least 67 people were killed in the bloody four-day siege in September 2013

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In April of this year the world was shocked to learn that Boko Haram had abducted 276 Nigerian schoolgirls from their boarding school in Chibok in northeastern Nigeria. Dozens escaped, but more than 200 are still missing.

Two months after the kidnapping, CNN asked you to share your messages of hope for family and friends of the missing schoolgirls.

While some tweeted messages of support, others expressed frustration over the Nigerian government’s handling of the situation.

Using CNN’s hashtag #Westgate6Months, here’s a roundup of some of the tweets you shared with us.

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