Quiz: Which Muppet are you?

Updated 7:54 AM ET, Fri June 5, 2015
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ABC is bringing "The Muppets" back to TV and in honor of the world's most lovable gang of performers, we invite you to see which Muppet you are most like. The first one is pretty much a gift: If you are ridiculously good-hearted, not the best romantic partner in the world and love a nice, hot swamp, you are ... John E. Barrett/Disney
Kermit the Frog! It ain't easy being green, but Kermit at least makes it lovable. John E. Barrett/Disney
Stylish? Stubborn? Absolutely confident in your talents while also being a romantic who believes in chasing down that absolute catch? If this sounds familiar, you are ... John E. Barrett/Disney
Miss Piggy. The pig-headed fashionista can be irksome, but she has a huge heart. John E. Barrett/Disney
If you are a loyal friend, crack yourself up with your zany humor and love honey, you might just be ... John E. Barrett/Disney
Fozzie Bear, the beloved comedian of the group. John E. Barrett/Disney
Might you be a talented whistler? Or such a big fan of the Muppets that you not only collect their memorabilia but also want to BE one of the Muppets? That would make you ... John E. Barrett/Disney
Walter, the newest Muppet who was added to the crew in 2011. John E. Barrett/Disney
If you often feel like the world doesn't get you -- to the point of not even being sure what you are -- and you have a great love of chicken and danger and don't mind living with rats, you are most like ... John E. Barrett/Disney
Gonzo! Also known as "The Great Gonzo," he rooms with Rizzo the Rat and is hopelessly in love with Camilla the Chicken. John E. Barrett/Disney
A bit out of control with the need for the occasional spotlight? If you crave going it solo, you might be like ... John E. Barrett/Disney
Animal. The drummer is wild, to say the least. John E. Barrett/Disney
The kitchen is where friends find you most of the time, whipping up delicacies that there are no words for -- at least none that your friends can understand. You are ... John E. Barrett/Disney
The Swedish Chef. He has his own language and a loyal following among fans. John E. Barrett/Disney
This one is a twofer because we can't rightfully break these personalities apart. So if you are a glutton for punishment, shy and scared of your own shadow (with good reason) -- or intelligent yet lacking common sense -- you could be ... John E. Barrett/Disney
Either Beaker, left, or Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. These partners in scientific crime are usually up to something dangerously hilarious. John E. Barrett/Disney
In this case we have to play by the book. If you are no-nonsense to the point of stuffiness, dignified, law-abiding and a lover of this great U.S. of A., we will go ahead and label you as ... John E. Barrett/Disney
Sam the Eagle. While the antics of the other Muppets often ruffle his feathers, we wouldn't have him any other way. John E. Barrett/Disney
Are you loyal, relaxed and musically inclined with a deadpan sense of humor and a cold, wet nose? If so you are most like ... John E. Barrett/Disney
Rowlf the Dog, whose piano playing is as laid-back as his personality. The dude is just chill. John E. Barrett/Disney
Every successful crew needs someone behind the scenes who makes sure things run smoothly. If you are detail-oriented, devoted and able to think quickly on the fly, your Muppet is ... John E. Barrett/Disney
Scooter! Kermit's trusty assistant and the stage manager for the troupe is always on the ball. John E. Barrett/Disney
You are the type who right now is complaining about this quiz, saying whoever wrote it is an idiot and "Why is this news?" You can always be counted on to offer up the snark. If this is you, you are clearly ... John E. Barrett/Disney
Waldorf and Statler. The dynamic duo have enjoyed (not really) their front-row seats to all of the fun. John E. Barrett/Disney