Cult films as Ottoman art

Published 9:05 AM ET, Wed March 19, 2014
Murat Palta Star Wars recropMurat Palta Star Wars recrop
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Turkish artist Murat Palta has recreated classic scenes from cult classic movies in the style of traditional Ottoman art. In his rendition of Star Wars, Darth Vader is a sultan. Courtesy Murat Palta
Here, Palta reimagines the famous chestbusting scene from Alien. Courtesy Murat Palta
In his rendition of Scarface, Al Pacino wears a fez. Courtesy Murat Palta
Palta has even given his work a weathered look, to mimic the style and age of Ottoman miniatures. Courtesy Murat Palta
Here, Palta reconstructs the scene from Clockwork Orange where Alex and his 'droogs' beat a homeless man. Courtesy Murat Palta
Palta replaced some elements from the film with more traditional models. In his painting from The Shining, Danny's bicycle is made from wood instead of metal. Courtesy Murat Palta
Long flowing robes replace black gangster suits in Palta's version of Pulp Fiction. Courtesy Murat Palta
Palta liked depicting movies with strong visual elements, such as Inception. Courtesy Murat Palta
In Palta's version of Goodfellas, a horse and buggy replaces a traditional automobile. Courtesy Murat Palta
Flowing yellow robes replace the Bruce Lee-inspired jumpsuit that Uma Thurman wears in Kill Bill. Courtesy Murat Palta
Palta decided to keep the sunglasses in his painting of Terminator 2. Courtesy Murat Palta