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Flight 370 pilots' homes searched
03:25 - Source: CNN

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NEW: Pilots' computers show nothing to indicate sudden deviation was preplanned

Every one of the 239 people on board is both a possible victim and suspect

The plane's pilots have become one obvious area of focus

A 29-year-old Malaysian civil aviation engineer is also under the spotlight

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Until authorities know what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, they’ll look for clues in the histories of everyone on board.

The cruel reality is that every one of the 239 people on board is both a possible victim and a possible suspect – until proved otherwise.

Already, some passengers and the pilots have fallen under increased scrutiny, and more are likely to come into focus as the search for answers continues.

“You have to look at everybody that got onto that plane,” Bill Gavin, former assistant director of the FBI in New York, told CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on Monday.

“You can start peeling the onion there by eliminating some of the people immediately – you know, like children, and maybe very elderly people, or infirmed people. You might be able to eliminate those folks.

“But, by the same token, you really have to look through the whole category of people that are on the plane,” he said.

Here’s what we have so far about some of the people investigators want to know more about:

Pilot: Zaharie Ahmad Shah