Tyler, the Creator's arresting weekend

Story highlights

  • Tyler, the Creator was arrested in Austin
  • Rapper accused of inciting a riot at SXSW
  • He said he will return to the Texas capital when things are more "chill"
Tyler, the Creator was arrested at the SXSW festival on Saturday, but the rapper still managed to make it to another concert that weekend.
The artist, whose given name is Tyler Okonma, gave a performance at the Austin music festival on Thursday night that led police to charge the 23-year-old with a misdemeanor for allegedly inciting a riot.
Okonma's been accused of encouraging attendees at his Thursday show "to force themselves past venue employees controlling access at the venue which was already at full capacity" on more than one occasion, says a statement from the Austin Police Department.
Okonma's alleged actions were not only against the law, the APD says in its release, but would have been "an immediate danger and injury to persons," and as a result "cannot be tolerated."
While Austin didn't have such a warm welcome -- Okonma promised to return to the city when things were more "chill" -- he still had a great time in Dallas following Saturday's arrest after being released on bond.