Sleepless nights, agonizing days for father of Flight 370 passenger

Waiting is the hardest part for families
Waiting is the hardest part for families


    Waiting is the hardest part for families


Waiting is the hardest part for families 01:52

Story highlights

  • A father in Malaysia waits for news of his son who boarded the missing Malaysian plane
  • Puspanahtan Subramaniam, 34, is an IT specialist who was going to Beijing
  • His two young children didn't want their father to leave, his father says
When 34-year-old Puspanahtan Subramaniam was leaving his home in Kuala Lumpur to board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, his two young children didn't want him to go.
They clung to his legs and refused to let go until the IT specialist promised to bring them chocolates and presents when he returned from his trip to Beijing, said his father.
"Surely they must find the plane. That is all I hope for," said Gurusami Subramaniam, who is waiting in agony for updates on the missing plane that carried 239 people, including his son.
"He was responsible for everything. These clothes I'm wearing even. Whatever country he was in, he would call. Once a week, he would come see us with the whole family. He really took care of us."
Subramaniam hardly sleeps, he says. He never turns his phone off, not even for a moment.
He says he worked 20 years as a security guard to put his son through college. His younger sister followed in his footsteps. Puspanahtan's wife is also waiting for any news.
"God only knows," he said "It is God's hands. It's fate."