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Emma Duvoll, 75, wins lotto prize with numbers from a fortune cookie

In 2005, 110 people won same lottery after using fortune cookie numbers

Duvoll plans to invest her winnings and take a trip to Switzerland

New York CNN  — 

Next time you order Chinese food, you may want to pay close attention to the numbers on your fortune cookie.

Emma Duvoll, 75, won a $2 million payday playing the Powerball drawing after using numbers that were printed on her fortune cookie, the New York lottery announced Thursday.

“I was surprised, but pleased,” Duvoll said in a statement released by lottery officials.

Duvoll, a Bronx resident, won the lottery on February 1 after matching five of the numbers from the fortune cookie. She opted for a one-time lump sum payment totaling $1,246,085 after taxes, according to the statement.

Duvoll, however, is not the first lottery winner who can credit a fortune cookie for their fortune.

In 2005, 110 people from around the country all hit the same Powerball numbers – each winning about $100,000 – after using numbers from fortune cookies. After an investigation by lottery officials, it was revealed that the cookies all came from Wonton Food in Long Island City, New York, maker of 4 million fortune cookies a day.

The New York Lottery also announced three other winners Thursday, including another Bronx resident Syeda Akther, who won $5 million from a scratch-off ticket. Karen Axt, 53, of Manhattan, and Joseph Brown, 60, of Brooklyn. each won $1 million, lottery officials said.

“I took some time contemplating what I will do with the money,” Duvoll said in the statement. “I plan to invest most of it and maybe take a trip to Switzerland to visit family.”

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