"We are Hollywood North," said Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, making a surprise appearance at the Oscars.

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Ford has become infamous for his antics, including an admission that he smoked crack

Ford strolled Hollywood's Walk of Fame checking out Canadian stars

"We are Hollywood North," Ford says of Toronto

Ford's "looking forward" to Oscar after-party

Los Angeles CNN  — 

Mayor Rob Ford’s surprise appearance in Hollywood may be the biggest thing from Toronto since Justin Bieber.

Ford has become infamous well beyond Canada for his antics, including an admission that he smoked crack cocaine.

Toronto’s mayor was walking down Hollywood Boulevard checking out Canadians with stars on the Walk of Fame when a CNN camera crew covering the Oscars spotted him.

He flew into Los Angeles Saturday night, greeted at LAX airport by TV host Jimmy Kimmel dressed as a chauffeur. He’s scheduled to appear on Kimmel’s late night show Monday, he said.

When CNN asked him why he came to Hollywood during the Academy Awards weekend, he delivered a combination Chamber of Commerce and re-election campaign speech.

“We are Hollywood North and we have a great city and we want people to come and visit our city, and make movies, and see the great theaters and restaurants we have and sporting venues and, you know, we have a responsible government there, too.” Ford said. “It is responsible and accountable too, and I have a proven track record and I just can’t wait for this election.”

Ford couldn’t score a ticket to the Oscars ceremony Sunday, but he said he has been invited to an Oscar party. “I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

Along with promoting Toronto with movie producers, Ford is doing some sightseeing. “Having fun,absolutely, walking on the Walk of Fame here,” he said. “Saw Mike Myers from Scarborough, so makes us very proud.”

He’s using his Twitter account to keep citizens back home informed on his activities.

“CNN checking in, I’m busy telling people what a great destination #Toronto is for the movie & tourist industries,” he tweeted after the interview, including a photo of him talking to CNN.

CNN’s Rachel Wells contributed to this report.