Police: Man who died in parking lot scuffle was aggressive

Story highlights

  • Police report indicates man who died after police scuffle seemed aggressive
  • Report says Luis Rodriguez "squared off" his body to police
  • Officers interpreted that as aggressive and wrestled him to the ground
  • He died in a hospital after the February 15 incident
The Oklahoma man who died after police wrestled him to the ground in a movie theater parking lot two weeks ago was acting aggressively, according to a police report released this week.
Luis Rodriguez's wife, Nair Rodriguez, has accused police of brutality in the incident, part of which she recorded on her cell phone at the Warren Theater in Moore, Oklahoma.
The video shows five police officers on top of Rodriguez, who appears to lie still for most of the recording.
Throughout the video, Nair Rodriguez worriedly calls out to her husband and begs for information about his condition.
"Please somebody tell me that he is alive," she implores. "He is not moving."
The February 15 incident began when a bystander told police she had witnessed a domestic fight in the movie theater parking lot. Nair Rodriguez had slapped her 19-year-old daughter during an argument, she would later tell police.
According to the report, Luis Rodriguez refused to provide police with identification, stepped back, crossed his arms and repeatedly tried to walk around them. When they asked for identification one final time, one of the officers said Rodriguez "got into what he interpreted as a fighting stance where he was 'bladed' or 'squared off' to them."
Officers struggled to get handcuffs on Rodriguez, fell to the ground with him and finally used "several compliance techniques" to get him under control, according to the report. The report does not list the techniques, but Moore Police Chief Jerry Stillings earlier told CNN affiliate KOCO that pepper spray had been used.
The Rodriguez family said police also hit Luis Rodriguez in the head, according to KOCO.
He stopped breathing in the ambulance and again at the hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to the report.
Three Moore police officers involved in the incident have been placed on paid administrative leave pending further investigation. Two Oklahoma game wardens who also helped subdue Rodriquez are continuing with their normal duties.
Stillings has said the actions of his officers appeared to be reasonable.