Smoke smelled in plane at Oakland, California

Panic on California Delta flight
Panic on California Delta flight


    Panic on California Delta flight


Panic on California Delta flight 00:50

Story highlights

  • SkyWest Flight 4455 plane lands normally
  • The smell of smoke is noticed afterward, Delta say
  • All 75 passenger exit normally, and fire officials leave the scene
The smell of smoke was reported in a plane that landed at California's Oakland International Airport late Wednesday, officials said.
SkyWest Flight 4454 arrived from Los Angeles International Airport on time, landed and taxied to the gate normally. There were 75 passengers and 4 crew members on board the CRJ 900 aircraft at the time.
The reported smell of smoke was noticed shortly after landing, said Delta Air Lines spokesman Russell Cason. SkyWest is a Delta subsidiary.
There were no injuries or damage reported, and passengers disembarked at the gate, airport spokesman Scott Witner said.
Authorities could not find the source of the smoke, and fire officials have left the scene, he said.