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Updated 3:30 PM ET, Mon March 9, 2015
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Sarah Elizabeth Jones died doing the job she loved. The South Carolina native was working as a second camera assistant when she was killed on set February 20, 2014. Her friends and the film community rallied to remember Jones in a movement called Slates for Sarah. Facebook/Slates for Sarah
"She was really just an easygoing (person), loved to have fun and really enjoyed what she did kind of person," her friend Eric Henson said. He and Jones were on a set in New Orleans when this photo was taken. Courtesy Eric Henson
Crew members from the TV show "Glee" shared messages of "RIP Sarah Jones." Facebook/Slates for Sarah
Jones worked on the set of "The Vampire Diaries" in Atlanta as a second camera assistant. Part of her job included marking the start of a take with a camera slate. Her co-workers shared this tribute in remembrance of her. Facebook/Slates for Sarah
Buses of crew members from "Vampire Diaries" and other productions filming in Georgia were on their way to Jones' memorial in Columbia, South Carolina, last year. Faceook/Slates for Sarah
The cinematography department at Full Sail University shared this tribute for Jones. The colorful tape is standard issue on film sets. Facebook/Slates for Sarah
Within a day, the movement to honor Jones had spread beyond the United States. Workers at a camera rental house in Berlin were moved to share this photo tribute. Facebook/Slates for Sarah
Crew members from the set of the TV show "Nashville" honor Jones. One of her duties as a camera assistant was to mark shots with a camera slate. Facebook/Slates for Sarah
"I've had a lot of people saying, 'I haven't seen something like this in 30 to 40 years in the film industry,' " said Henson. "The solidarity of people coming together has really been incredible." Facebook/Slates for Sarah
The Del Mar Theater in Santa Cruz, California, changed its marquee in honor of Jones. Facebook/Slates for Sarah
Workers from the set of "Downton Abbey" shared their condolences. Facebook/Slates for Sarah
Crew members from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" paused to remember Jones, as well as Brent Hershman. Hershman was a crew member who died in 1997 when he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed his car after a 19-hour day. His death sparked a conversation about working hours and workplace safety. FacebookSlates for Sarah
Even the crew on the set of "Sharknado 2" shared their message of remembrance. Facebook/Slates for Sarah