5 impact-worthy apps

Let's face it; mobile apps are transforming the way we engage. Whether you are tweeting 140 characters of profound thoughts or Instagraming "the best selfie ever," that thumb and forefinger stay glued to the smartphone no matter what. How about using it for some social good? Check out these five impact-worthy apps to help you fit paying it forward into your daily routine.
VolunteerMatch allows you to, in its creators' words, "connect with what matters to you." If you're a hands-on kind of person, this is where you can find places to make an impact. The app lets you narrow volunteer opportunities by your personal interests and talents. If you like art, but hate children, you can filter them out and vice versa.
If you are one of those people always training for the next marathon or simply a fitness-head, Charity Miles allows charities to cash in on your exercise routine. Charity Miles lets you raise money for the cause of your choice while you walk, run or bike. The apps' corporate sponsors kick in 25 cents for each mile you run or walk and 10 cents for each mile you bike. #fitspiration
It's the best of both worlds, at least for the foodies. When you snap a picture in this app, it allows you to feed the hungry while creating a little bit of #foodporn. When you dine at one of Feedie's participating restaurants, a meal is donated to a nonprofit that feeds schoolchildren in South Africa.
Every little bit counts when it comes to this app. App developer Ovenbits has taken that collection box next to the cash register one step further by reminding you of the giving you can do "Instead" of a $5 or $3 cup of coffee. Now, the app doesn't donate the dollars all by itself, but instead relies on your incentive to pick a charity to actually give. The bonus here is the app shows you just how far your donation can take someone in need.
The UNHCR, also known as the United Nations Refugee Agency, puts the "gamification" of a worthy message in the palm of your hand. The app allows users to become one of three refugees as they flee areas in conflict and face hardships. The events and outcome change based on the users' choices. The illustrations are amazing, and the hope is that stories you read will be enough to encourage you to donate to UNHCR at the end of the journey.