Alabama couple journeys into Ukraine's bloody riots -- to adopt four orphans

David Bundy, left, stands in Kiev's Independence Square with his wife Lisa, right, and the four orphans they are adopting.

Story highlights

  • David Bundy, 47, and wife Lisa, 40, journey to Kiev just as protests begin
  • They are adopting four orphans while living in a flat near the bloody riots
  • Bundy will be coming home early with three adopted, blood-relation siblings
  • His wife will stay in Kiev to adopt a fourth child, a 16-year-old girl
As the Ukraine seemed pushed to the brink of a fiery civil war this week, photojournalist David Bundy faced a quandary while in Kiev.
Should he put himself in harm's way photographing the violent clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces, or should he act like a new parent in the middle of adopting four Ukrainian orphans?
He chose parenthood.
"I had to remember that my purpose was to get the four children home safely and not get shot or arrested," said Bundy, 47, who's been a news photographer for 22 years.
The temptation to work was enormous, however.
"It really was," Bundy said in a telephone interview from Kiev. "Whenever I would go out, the children were begging me not to. It was the work that I did, but I had to remember their wishes."