Some cities are close to the snowiest winter in history

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Several cities are close to record-level snowfall

New York, Philadelphia, Detroit are among those looking at possible records

Toledo could break its record this week

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Snow is bear-hugging parts of New England Tuesday. Again.

For those shivering near Boston, you’re not alone. The seemingly forever-frigid temperatures this winter have turned arcane weather terms viral. (Think: polar vortex)

In fact, this onslaught of the white stuff has many cities close to marking their snowiest winter in history.

Here are some potential record-breaking places, according to CNN’s weather unit

Snowfall accumulation records for each city listed.


This season Indianapolis has been coated with 52 inches of snow. And that’s not far behind the previous record, set in 1981-82 when the Indiana city had 58.2 inches of snow, according to CNN’s weather unit tally.


The City of Brotherly Love has been hit with a little more than 58 inches of snow this season. That’s the third snowiest winter ever, according to the CNN weather unit. Though there have been some blockbuster storms this year, it would take a monstrous blizzard to break the 2009-10 record when the area was hit with more than 78 inches of snow.


There could be a record snowfall in Toledo, Ohio, by the end of the week. As of Tuesday morning, 72.4 inches had fallen in the area, the second-most ever. That’s very close to the record 73.1 inches that fell in 1977-78


The Motor City has been immobilized by snow this winter. More than 77 inches have fallen, the third-most in history. Detroit may not beat a centuries-old record, though. The all-time record is 93.6 recorded in the winter of 1880-81.


Compared to other regions, Cincinnati hasn’t been hit that hard. The Ohio city has had 44 inches of snow this season. That’s the fifth-snowiest winter in history. The record is 53.9, which fell in a winter of 1977-78.

New York

The Big Apple has had its share, totaling a little more of 57 inches. That is the seventh-snowiest winter on record, behind the record 75 inches that fell in 1995-96.

CNN’s Sean Morris contributed to this report.