Coca-Cola's "secret recipe" marketing

Updated 11:42 AM ET, Wed February 19, 2014
Coke secrecy exhibit Coke secrecy exhibit
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Coca-Cola claims its formula is the "world's most guarded secret." The recipe, the company says, is now kept in a purpose-built vault within the company's headquarters in Atlanta. Courtesy: Coca-Cola
Trying to copy Coke and crack the secret formula? Beverage makers have been trying to do that for over a century. Pictured here is a 1915 advertisement warning Coca-Cola drinkers about its "pirate" competitors. Courtesy: Coca-Cola
The vault itself is surrounded by an exhibition themed all around the secrecy. Courtesy: Coca-Cola
Muhtar Kent, the company's chief executive officer, shows the box containing the recipe, before it's placed inside the multi-million vault. Courtesy: Coca-Cola
The vault's door features several high-tech security locks. Adding to the show factor is special lighting and fake smoke effect. Courtesy: Coca-Cola
Have you heard the one about Santa Claus wearing red coat because of Coca-Cola ad? Well, according to the company, this is a myth. Before the Coca‑Cola Santa was even created, St Nick had appeared in numerous illustrations and written descriptions wearing a scarlet coat. This 1937 advert shows Santa Claus raiding the refrigerator. Courtesy: Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola is dominant in the world beverage market and has huge sponsorship deals -- like its decades-long partnership with FIFA. Buda Mendes/Getty Images for Coca Cola
The drink company also has a long-standing partnership with the Olympic committee. Pictured here is a Coca-Cola stall at Wembley Stadium during the 1948 Olympic Games in London. Topical Press Agency/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Coca-Cola's marketing relies heavily on the mystery surrounding the formula invented by a Civil War veteran and morphine addict John Pemberton in 1886. Courtesy: Coca-Cola