Revealed: North Korean torture methods

Updated 1:26 AM ET, Tue February 18, 2014
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Warning: Graphic. In these chilling drawings released to the United Nations, former North Korean prisoner Kim Kwang-Il details torture methods he witnessed during his time in captivity. In this position, called "pigeon torture," Kim says he was beaten on the chest until he vomited blood. Kim Kwang-il/UNHCR
Text: "Scale, airplane, motorcycle." According to UN reports, Kim says he had to stay in painful stress positions with arms extended until he collapsed out of exhaustion.
Kim Kwang-il/UNHCR
Text: "Detention center." Kim Kwang-il/UNHCR
Text: "Out of starvation and hunger, find snakes and rats and you eat them." Kim Kwang-il/UNHCR
Text: "Pump torture. After sitting, you stand about a hundred times." Kim Kwang-il/UNHCR
Text: "The mice eat the eyes, nose, ears, and toes of the corpses." Kim Kwang-il/UNHCR
Text: "The corpses are taken to the crematorium." Kim Kwang-il/UNHCR
Text: "Solitary confinement punishment. Capturing mice from inside the cell." Kim Kwang-il/UNHCR