Lebanese lawmakers form new government, ending long uncertainty

Story highlights

  • A new government is announced, bringing to an end 10 months of uncertainty
  • Tammam Salam is named as the new head of government
  • The president formally accepts Najib Mikati's resignation as prime minister
  • Lebanon has witnessed increasing tensions in recent months
A new Lebanese government was announced Saturday by Suhail Bawji, secretary general of Lebanon's Council of Ministers.
He announced the formation of the new Cabinet and named the new ministers in a televised news conference.
The new government brings months of political infighting to an end following Prime Minister Najib Mikati's resignation in March 2013.
Tammam Salam was named in a presidential decree as the head of the new government, the state news agency NNA reported.
Another presidential decree accepted Salam's suggested Cabinet and named the new ministers, while a third formally accepted Mikati's resignation.
There have been increased tensions in Lebanon in recent months, where sectarian divisions reflect those in neighboring war-torn Syria, and a number of explosions have rocked the capital.
Mikati urged the Lebanese people last month to overcome their differences and engage in dialogue or see the situation worsen.