Review: 'About Last Night'

Kevin Hart and Regina Hall star in the romantic comedy "About Last Night."

Story highlights

  • "About Last Night" tells the story of two couples who are polar opposites
  • The movie is a third-generation copy of a David Mamet stage play
  • It stars Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart, Joy Bryant and Regina Hall
  • The movie is watchable and a bit less mediocre than a 1986 version
In "About Last Night," two couples who are polar opposites — one sweet, restrained, and devoted; the other raunchy, angry, and uncommitted — form together out of two sets of best friends in Los Angeles. Danny (Michael Ealy) and Debbie (Joy Bryant) are the nice ones.
Back in the day when this movie (or at least a version of it) starred Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, they would have been called ''yuppies,'' and by that I mean less their status than their style: the intimate meals consumed with wine under mood lighting at the kitchen island, the way the two hold their feelings in.
Of course, yuppie style in the movies is often code for People Who Live Too Much On the Surface to Have a Good Relationship, but it's clear early on that Danny and Debbie really are meant for each other. Their lovey-dovey moments are genuine and, on occasion, touching — like when he takes her to a Dodgers game with lousy bleachers season tickets that have been in his family for decades, and she loves him for holding on to them.
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