Georgia sheriff cancels Valentine’s Day because of snow – and boredom

Updated 7:46 AM EST, Thu February 13, 2014

Story highlights

In a Facebook post, he declared northern Georgia 'NO VALENTINES DAY ZONE'

Sheriff Scott Berry has rescheduled the lovers' fest to Tuesday

He did it to make his staff and their spouses laugh

Residents took to Facebook and got in on the fun

(CNN) —  

By pronouncement of the sheriff, there will be no Valentine’s Day this Friday. That is, if you live in Georgia, north of Interstate 16 and have to drive to get a gift.

Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry has designated northern Georgia a “NO VALENTINES DAY ZONE” in a post on the department’s Facebook page Wednesday night.

Men are “exempt from having to run out and buy lottery scratchers and Hershey bars from the corner stores until February 18, 2014, due to ice, snow, freezing rain,” the tongue-in-cheek post said.

It’s all in fun. But rescheduling the festival of lovers to Tuesday would give the ice storm-battered region time to get roads back to normal and make Valentine’s a safer affair.

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