Riders rescued from roller coaster in Florida

Story highlights

  • At least 15 riders were rescued at Busch Gardens in Tampa
  • All passengers are OK
  • The cause of the malfunction was not immediately clear
Firefighters rescued at least 15 riders Wednesday after they got stuck on a roller coaster at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.
All passengers are OK, according to the Twitter page for Tampa Fire Rescue, which posted a photograph of the rescue effort.
The riders were trapped on the Cheetah Hunt roller coaster. At a length of 4,400 feet, it's the park's longest thrill ride.
Tampa Fire Rescue said it removed 16 riders.
Busch Gardens spokesman Travis Claytor told CNN that 15 people were on board when it came to a halt just after it started.
Passengers were stuck on the roller coaster for more than three hours in the rain, he said.
A photo on Tampa Fire Rescue's Twitter page shows the passengers wearing ponchos in their upright cars. Crews used a rescue ladder to reach them.
The cause of the malfunction was not immediately clear.