Syrian civil war in 2014

Updated 2:57 PM ET, Tue December 23, 2014
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A wounded child walks at a makeshift hospital in the rebel-held town of Douma after being injured in a reported airstrike by government forces on Tuesday, December 23. Douma, located near Damascus, has been under government siege for more than a year, with residents facing dwindling food and medical supplies.The United Nations estimates nearly 200,000 people have been killed in Syria since an uprising in March 2011 spiraled into civil war. ABD DOUMANY/AFP/Getty Images
A Christmas tree and a crèche made out of rubble are set up on a square in the, predominantly Christian, government-held Hamidiyeh neighborhood of Homs on Monday, December 22. YOUSSEF KARWASHAN/AFP/Getty Images
Syrian children await medical treatment at a makeshift clinic in the besieged rebel town of Douma, on Sunday, December 21, near Damascus. ABD DOUMANY/AFP/Getty Images
A Syrian rebel fighter keeps an eye on government troops in Aleppo, Syria, on Wednesday, December 17. Karam Almasri/NurPhoto/ZUMA Wire
A man drives his motorcycle through a puddle in Aleppo on Wednesday, November 26. KARAM AL-MASRI/AFP/Getty Images
A Syrian opposition fighter fires at Bashar al-Assad Regime forces in the Handarat district of Aleppo on Thursday, November 20. Ahmed Deeb/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Syrian boys play in the ruins of a destroyed building in Aleppo on Tuesday, November 18. BARAA AL-HALABI/AFP/Getty Images
A wounded man is treated at a makeshift hospital in Damascus, Syria, following a reported air strike by government forces on Tuesday, November 11. ABD DOUMANY/AFP/Getty Images
Members of the Syrian Civil Defense carry an injured man after an alleged air strike in Aleppo on November 11. ZEIN AL-RIFAI/AFP/Getty Images
A member of the Syrian Civil Defense walks through a cloud of dust after an alleged air strike by government forces in Aleppo on November 11. ZEIN AL-RIFAI/AFP/Getty Images
A father cries over his son at a physical therapy center in Eastern al-Ghouta outside Damascus on Thursday, November 6. The boy had his leg tendons cut after he was injured in an airstrike four months before. ABD DOUMANY/AFP/Getty Images
A blindfolded man suspected of passing military information to the Syrian government waits to be interrogated by Free Syrian Army fighters Monday, October 6, in Aleppo. STRINGER/REUTERS/LANDOV
Medics at a field hospital in Douma, Syria, attend to a man who was injured in what activists said were two airstrikes carried out by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday, September 20. Badra Mamet/Reuters/Landov
Free Syrian Army fighters rest inside a damaged room in Aleppo on Tuesday, September 16, during what activists said were clashes with forces loyal to al-Assad. AMMAR ABDULLAH/Reuters/Landov
Syrian government forces walk down a street in Halfaya, Syria, after taking the city from rebel forces on Friday, September 12. Stringer/AFP/Getty Images
Al-Qaeda-linked rebels from Syria gather around vehicles carrying U.N. peacekeepers from Fiji before releasing them Thursday, September 11, in the Golan Heights. The 45 peacekeepers were captured in the Golan Heights after rebels seized control of a border crossing between Syria and the Israeli-occupied territory. Gil Eliyahu/AP
Syrian opposition fighters take position behind sandbags in Aleppo on Thursday, September 11. BARAA AL-HALABI/AFP/Getty Images
Syrians fleeing the violence stand next to their belongings as they attempt to cross into Turkey on Sunday, September 7. ZEIN AL-RIFAI/AFP/Getty Images
A boy looks at bodies lying outside a hospital after a barrel-bomb attack in Aleppo on Friday, September 5. Fadi al-Halabi/AFP/Getty Images
A U.N. convoy moves in the buffer zone near the Golan Heights as they are escorted by Syrian rebel fighters near the Syrian village of Jubata Al Khashab on Tuesday, September 2. MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP/Getty Images
Residents of Aleppo remove a body from debris on Friday, August 29, after what activists claim was shelling by forces loyal to al-Assad. Abdalrhman Ismail/Reuters/Landov
Druze men watch from the Golan Heights side of the Quneitra border with Syria as smoke rises during fighting between rebels and forces loyal to al-Assad on Wednesday, August 27. JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images
This image was taken during a government guided tour in Mleiha, Syria, one day after Syrian government forces retook the town after a months-long battle with rebels, according to a military source and state television on Friday, August 15. LOUAI BESHARA/AFP/Getty Images
Residents inspect the rubble of destroyed buildings in Aleppo after Syrian regime helicopters allegedly dropped barrel bombs there on Wednesday, August 13. Ahmed Muhammed Ali/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Smoke trails over Aleppo following barrel bombs that were allegedly dropped by the Syrian regime on an opposition-controlled area on Monday, August 11. Ahmed Muhammed Ali/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Photographs of victims of the Bashar al-Assad regime are displayed as a Syrian Army defector known as "Caesar," center, appears in disguise to speak before the House Foreign Affairs Committee in Washington. The briefing on Thursday, July 31, was called "Assad's Killing Machine Exposed: Implications for U.S. Policy." Caesar was apparently a witness to al-Assad's brutality and has smuggled more than 50,000 photographs depicting the torture and execution of more than 10,000 dissidents. Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times/Landov
Syrian rebel fighters take up positions behind sandbags in Aleppo on Wednesday, July 30. HAMID KHATIB/reuters/LANDOV
People carry an injured man away from the site of an airstrike, reportedly carried out by Syrian government forces, in Aleppo on Sunday, July 27. ZEIN AL-RIFAI/AFP/Getty Images
Rebel fighters execute two men Friday, July 25, in Binnish, Syria. The men reportedly were charged by an Islamic religious court with detonating several car bombs. AMR RADWAN AL-HOMSI/AFP/Getty Images
A rebel fighter stands on a dust-covered street in Aleppo on Monday, July 21. AHMED DEEB/AFP/Getty Images
A man clears debris at the site of an alleged barrel-bomb attack in Aleppo on Tuesday, July 15. HOSAM KATAN/REUTERS/LANDOV
A woman walks amid debris after an airstrike by government forces July 15 in Aleppo. KARAM AL-MASRI/AFP/Getty Images
People walk on a dust-filled street after a reported barrel-bomb attack in Aleppo on Monday, July 7. ZEIN AL-RIFAI/AFP/Getty Images
Apartments and other buildings lie in ruins on Tuesday, June 3, in Aleppo, a city that "has had the life bombed out of it," according to CNN's Nick Paton Walsh. Salih Mahmud Leyla/Anadolu Agency/TT/Sipa USA
A man carries a girl injured in a reported barrel-bomb attack by government forces June 3 in Aleppo. BARAA AL-HALABI/AFP/Getty Images
A rebel fighter loads an anti-tank cannon outside Latakia, Syria, on Sunday, June 1. MAHMOUD TAHA/AFP/Getty Images
A rescue worker pulls a girl from rubble in Aleppo on June 1 after reported bombing by government forces. KHALED KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images
A giant poster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is seen in Damascus, Syria, on Saturday, May 31, as the capital prepares for presidential elections. Pan Chaoyue/Xinhua/Sipa USA
Portraits of al-Assad dominate the cityscape in central Damascus on Tuesday, May 27. Al-Assad is firmly in power three years into the civil war, while the opposition remains weak and fragmented and extremists grow in numbers and influence. LOUAI BESHARA/AFP/Getty Images
The father of a 3-month-old girl weeps Monday, May 26, after she was pulled from rubble following a barrel-bomb strike in Aleppo. BARAA AL-HALABI/AFP/Getty Images
A woman stands in a heavily damaged building in Aleppo on May 26. BARAA AL-HALABI/AFP/Getty Images
An injured man lies in a hospital bed after alleged airstrikes by government forces in Aleppo on Sunday, May 18. ZEIN AL-RIFAI/AFP/Getty Images
Buildings in Homs, Syria, lie in ruins Saturday, May 10, days after an evacuation truce went into effect. Thousands of displaced residents returned to the city. Ghassan Najjar/Reuters/Landov
Rescuers carry a man wounded by a mine in the Bustan al-Diwan neighborhood of Homs on May 10. Associated Press
A Syrian woman carries a suitcase along a street in the Juret al-Shayah district of Homs on May 10. AFP/Getty Images
Residents carry their belongings in the al-Hamidieh neighborhood of Homs on May 10. Xinhua/Sipa
A woman injured when a mine went off is carried in Homs on May 10. Xinhua/Sipa
Residents return to damaged dwellings in Homs on May 10. Xinhua/Sipa
Debris lies on a deserted street in Homs on Thursday, May 8. stringer/AFP/Getty Images
A mosque is seen through shattered glass in Homs, where an evacuation truce went into effect on Wednesday, May 7. YOUSSEF KARWASHAN/AFP/Getty Images
A wounded man is treated at a makeshift hospital in Aleppo on Sunday, May 4. ZEIN AL-RIFAI/AFP/Getty Images
Debris rises in what Free Syrian Army fighters said was an operation to strike a checkpoint and remove government forces in Maarat al-Numan, Syria, on Monday, May 5. RASEM GHAREEB/REUTERS/LANDOV
A man helps a woman through debris after reported airstrikes by government forces on Thursday, May 1, in the Halak neighborhood of Aleppo. ZEIN AL-RIFAI/AFP/Getty Images
Syrians gather at the site of reported airstrikes in Aleppo on May 1. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 33 civilians were killed in the attack. ZEIN AL-RIFAI/AFP/Getty Images
A woman runs after two barrel bombs were thrown, reportedly by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Aleppo on May 1. HOSAM KATAN/REUTERS /LANDOV
A boy runs in Aleppo on Sunday, April 27, after what activists said were explosive barrels thrown by forces loyal to al-Assad. HOSAM KATAN/Reuters /Landov
Security and emergency medical personnel work at the site of a car bomb explosion Monday, April 14, in the Ekremah neighborhood of Homs. stringer/AFP/Getty Images
In this photo released by the state-run SANA news agency, Syrian forces take positions during clashes with rebels near the town of Rankous, Syria, on Sunday, April 13. SANA/AP
Flames engulf a vehicle following a car bomb Wednesday, April 9, in the Karm al-Loz neighborhood of Homs. stringer/AFP/Getty Images
A man carries a child who was found in the rubble of an Aleppo building after it was reportedly bombed by government forces on Monday, March 18. KHALED KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images
An elderly man and a child walk among debris in a residential block of Aleppo on March 18. BARAA AL-HALABI/AFP/Getty Images
A woman with blood on her face carries a child following a reported airstrike by government forces Saturday, March 15, in Aleppo. MOHAMAD AL-TAYB/Getty Images
People attempt to comfort a man in Aleppo after a reported airstrike by government forces on Sunday, March 9. Fadi al-Halabi/AFP/Getty Images
Buildings in Homs lay in ruins on March 9. YAZAN HOMSY/REUTERS/LANDOV
Syrian forces fire a cannon and a heavy machine gun loaded on a truck as they fight rebels in the Syrian town of Zara on Saturday, March 8. stringer/AFP/Getty Images
A handout photo released by SANA shows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad speaking March 8 during a meeting in Damascus to mark the 51st anniversary of the 1963 revolution, when Baath Party supporters in the Syrian army seized power. Al-Assad said the country will go on with reconciliation efforts along with its fight against terrorism. SANA / HANDOUT/EPA /LANDOV
Syrians inspect the rubble of destroyed buildings in Aleppo following a reported airstrike by Syrian government forces on Friday, March 7. Zein Al-Rifai/NurPhoto/Sipa USA
People dig through the rubble of a building in Damascus that was allegedly hit by government airstrikes on Thursday, February 27. Sehba Press/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
A boy walks ahead of men carrying the body of his mother in Aleppo on Saturday, February 22. According to activists, the woman was killed when explosive barrels were thrown by forces loyal to al-Assad. HOSAM KATAN/REUTERS/LANDOV
A man holds a baby who survived what activists say was an airstrike by al-Assad loyalists Friday, February 14, in Aleppo. Hosam Katan/Reuters/Landov
In this photo provided by the anti-government activist group Aleppo Media Center, Syrian men help survivors out of a building in Aleppo after it was bombed, allegedly by a Syrian regime warplane on Saturday, February 8. Aleppo Media Center AMC/AP
Syrians gather at a site hit by barrel bombs, allegedly dropped by a regime helicopter on the opposition-controlled Mesekin Hananu district of Aleppo on February 8. Mustafa Sultan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
In this handout photo released by the state-run SANA news agency on February 8, civilians wave national flags in Damascus as they take part in a rally in support of President al-Assad. AFP/Getty Images
A man stands next to debris in the road following a reported airstrike by Syrian government forces in Aleppo on February 8. MOHAMMED WESAM/AFP/Getty Images
Medical personnel look for survivors after a reported airstrike in Aleppo on Saturday, February 1. MOHAMMED AL-KHATIEB/AFP/Getty Images
Syrians carry a dead body following an airstrike on February 1. ZEIN AL-RIFAI/AFP/Getty Images
A man walks amid debris and dust on January 31. AFP PHOTO/MOHAMMED AL-KHATIEB/getty images
An injured man is covered in dust after an airstrike on January 29. MOHAMMED AL-KHATIEB/AFP/Getty Images
A man tries to fix electrical wires in Aleppo on January 27. STRinger/AFP/Getty Images
Rebels and civilians check out a crater that activists say resulted from a Syrian government airstrike on an Aleppo bus station on Tuesday, January 21. AMMAR ABDULLAH/REUTERS/LANDOV
Men rush to a site that Syrian government forces reportedly hit in Aleppo on January 21. STRINGER/reuters/LANDOV
Buildings lie in ruins in Aleppo on Sunday, January 19, after reported air raids by Syrian government planes. MOHAMMED WESAM/AFP/Getty Images
A child collects items from a garbage pile in Douma, northeast of the capital, on Saturday, January 18. MAJD ALDEEK/AFP/Getty Images
A piece of exploded mortar lies in a street in Daraya, a Syrian city southwest of Damascus, on Friday, January 17. FADI DIRANI/AFP/Getty Images