Would you want Google Glass in class?

Story highlights

  • A handful of teachers have started using Google Glass in their classrooms
  • It's used for virtual field trips, to document lab work and reveal students' perspectives
  • The cost, battery life and privacy concerns might keep it out of schools, teachers said

(CNN)When high schoolers tour the world's largest nuclear research facility from their desks, or teachers have a chance to see the classroom through students' eyes, that's the power of Google Glass.

But even as Google's much buzzed-about wearable computer makes its way into the hands of technophiles, law enforcement and firefighters, it might be a while before it comes to a school near you.
Slowly, Google Glass is starting to turn up in schools. A handful of educators are beta testers in Google's Glass Explorer Program.
    They're capturing videos and images of classroom activities through a small camera built into Glass' frame, and sharing them online. They use Glass to teach lessons from their perspective to share with others, or for their own reference. They're propping the glasses on students, and using the footage and images from young people to understand what they see and how they learn.
    Even with limited applications and functionality in these early versions of Google Glass, some teachers a