Air raids kill 26 in Syria's Aleppo, opposition group says

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  • Opposition: 11 children, 3 women among those killed in Aleppo by "barrel bombs"
  • Bombs are drums packed with explosives, shrapnel, and dropped from planes
  • Barrel bombs killed another 126 people in Aleppo over the weeked, opposition group says
Twenty-six people were killed Monday in the latest round of what's become near-daily air assaults on the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, an opposition group said.
Eleven children and three women were among those killed Monday by so-called barrel bomb raids, in which drums packed with explosives and shrapnel are dropped from aircraft, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
Monday's attacks in Aleppo, a flashpoint of Syria's civil war, came after a weekend in which barrel bombs killed 126 people there, the opposition group said.
The group says the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is responsible. The Syrian government has previously said that military operations are targeting "terrorist groups" in neighborhoods of the city.
The airstrikes killed 90 people Saturday and 36 -- including 17 children and seven women -- on Sunday, according to the opposition group.
Al Qaeda disowns an affiliate in Syria
Al Qaeda disowns an affiliate in Syria


    Al Qaeda disowns an affiliate in Syria


Al Qaeda disowns an affiliate in Syria 02:10
Videos from activists purport to show scenes of horror from Sunday's attacks. In them, people search rubble for survivors and pull bodies from the debris.
CNN cannot independently verify the death tolls or the authenticity of the videos.
Elsewhere in Syria, Islamist militants fired five rockets at the village of Rabia'a in Hama province, killing at least five school students, including at least one girl, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Monday. At least one of the rockets struck the village's high school, according to the group.
The United Nations says more than 100,000 people have been killed in Syria sine fighting began in 2011.