Michael Mapes recreated Dutch Masters' portraits

Updated 7:55 AM ET, Fri January 31, 2014
Mapes Dutch portrait 1Mapes Dutch portrait 1
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Michael Mapes recreated some of the Dutch Masters' most famous portraits. Michael Mapes
Instead of using paint, Mapes uses photographs, sequins, insect pins, vials and more to piece together Bartholomeus van der Helst's 1668 portrait of Geertruida den Dubbelde. Michael Mapes
He calls these items "biographical DNA." Michael Mapes
Mapes considers each subject as a collection of individual parts. Michael Mapes
Each individual specimen is pinned to foam. Michael Mapes
These multi-medium collages look like the work of an obsessed detective piecing together a mystery. Michael Mapes
Mapes began these portrait series by using subjects he actually knows. Michael Mapes
This made it easier to gather his biological DNA. Michael Mapes
In a way, these individual parts help to craft a richer narrative about the subjects of these portraits. Michael Mapes
Mapes considers his reworked portraits as an artistic reexamination. Michael Mapes