Photos: Boulders just miss Italian home

Updated 10:08 PM ET, Fri January 31, 2014
01 italy landslide01 italy landslide
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A boulder sits next to a farmhouse in northern Italy on January 23, two days after a landslide sent several large rocks tumbling downhill. The adjacent barn wasn't as lucky. Markus Hell/
A boulder rolled straight through the 300-year-old barn, authorities said. Markus Hell/
The boulder that destroyed the barn, left, sits in the vineyard. The boulder on the right is said to be from a much older landslide. Markus Hell/
Authorities estimate between 3,000 and 4,000 cubic meters of rock detached from a nearby cliff during the landslide. Markus Hell/
The boulder that destroyed the barn just missed the house. Markus Hell/
There were no reports of injuries or fatalities. But according to the local fire department, the property damage is "enormous." Markus Hell/