These delicious little "burgers," a.k.a. Mexicali Sliders, are going to be the talk of your football party.

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You may prefer these vegan treats to their meat-infused counterparts

Combine pizza and buffalo wings with Buffalo Cauliflower-Wing Pizza

You'll appreciate the crisp crunch in the dessert-like Apple Nachos dish  — 

I always look forward to a good Super Bowl party, especially one with a delicious spread of food.

But when I decided to go vegan, I worried I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the array of tasty snacks I’d traditionally binged on while watching the big game.

Luckily, I was wrong. In fact, I – and several of my meat-loving friends – actually prefer some of these treats to their dairy- and/or meat-infused counterparts. So whether you’re vegan, have vegan friends or just want to try something new, check out these ideas for tasty vegan snacks guaranteed to satisfy any football fan.

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Buffalo Cauliflower-Wing Pizza With Tofu Blue-Cheese Spread by Keepin’ It Kind

This dish combines two great party foods (both personal favorites): pizza and buffalo wings.

A cauliflower buffalo wing may sound odd, but if you give it a chance, you’ll likely enjoy it. Roasting the cauliflower gives it a crunchy yet chewy – but not rubbery – texture, so you avoid the sogginess associated with most boiled/steamed cauliflower.

Combine that with the crispy cornmeal crust and faux (but still tasty) blue-cheese spread, and partygoers will be dancing in the endzone with every bite.

Mexicali Sliders by Chef Chloe

Sure, sliders may seem like a snack more apt for the World Series than the Super Bowl, but these delicious little “burgers” are going to be the talk of your football party.

The caramelized onions folded into the savory black bean patties infuse a flavor not achievable by just piling them on top, and the carrots, onion, chili powder and cilantro add a unique, zesty kick not found in other burgers, regardless what they’re made of.

Add to this the fresh, homemade guacamole and you have a truly southwestern sensation guaranteed to warm you up, no matter how your team is doing. And don’t forget the mango sauce! Its sweet flavor complements the taste of the rest of the burger quite well.

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Baked sriracha potato chips by Oh My Veggies

No Super Bowl Sunday couch is complete without a big bowl of chips. While there are plenty of vegan options available, there’s nothing like the satisfaction that comes from knowing you made these from scratch and didn’t just dump them out of a greasy bag.

Plus, you have complete control of their flavor level and crunchiness. I love the kick sriracha gives this recipe, so I add a little more than others with tamer taste buds might like, giving me an excuse to make two batches: really spicy for me and not-too-spicy for my wife and our guests.

This recipe is ultra simple: You just need a Russet potato, sriracha, peanut oil and salt.

Apple nachos by Allyson Kramer

If there’s one item I expect to see at any Super Bowl party, it’s a plate of nachos. But apple nachos instead of traditional corn chips?! Sure!

You’ll appreciate the crisp crunch of the apples in this dessert-like dish, and the always-winning combo of peanut butter and chocolate mixes well with the flavor of the apples, nuts and coconut. Plus, this recipe will give your Super Bowl spread the sweet-tooth fix guests will likely be craving after those savory snacks.

And don’t forget: This recipe is better for you than a plate of traditional nachos, and it (arguably) tastes better, too!

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A football may be nostalgically referred to as the ol’ pigskin, but that doesn’t mean all of the food needs to be wrapped in bacon at this year’s Super Bowl shindig. When the big game rolls around and people start huddling around the snack table, they’ll be blown away by these vegan goodies, regardless of what they regularly eat.

Have fun and chow down!

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4 vegan-friendly Super Bowl snacks