Sail and shoot: Life on the sea

Updated 9:08 AM ET, Thu January 30, 2014
Van Der Wal boatsVan Der Wal boats
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Onne van der Wal has traveled across the world taking photos of all sorts of vessels. Here he captured Farr 40s racing off Florida during the annual Key West Race Week.
Onne Van Der Wal
In Rhode Island, where van der Wal lives, three of the region's famous 12 Meters class boats (Northern Light, Gleam and Onawa) make the most of the sunset as they enjoy a cruise under the Newport Bridge. Onne van der Wal
Out on the bowsprit of the schooner Shenandoah, Onne puts his camera in hand and his heart in his throat to capture the beauty of this yacht sailing off the coast of Sardinia. Onne van der Wal
Newport's active Shields Fleet races every Wednesday throughout the spring, summer and fall, and isn't afraid of a little storm front rolling in over the fleet. Onne van der Wal
Another of his shots shows the rail of the beautiful 43-meter yacht, Skylge, as she sails towards the French Riviera in late summer. Onne van der Wal
Here he pictures mega yachts P2 and Maltese Falcon rounding Ile Forchue in the Caribbean Sea during the annual St. Barth's Bucket Regatta.
Onne van der Wal
Van der Wal says the America's Cup typifies how far sailing has come in terms of technology. Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images
Team New Zealand, pictured here, competed against Oracle Team USA in hi-tech 72-foot catamarans off the coast of San Francisco in September 2013, reaching speeds of 50 mph -- faster than the wind propelling them. Noah Berger/AFP/Getty Images
When van der Wal went on the 1981 Round the World Race, he said the sails were not much more advanced than canvas. The boats competing in the event's present format (pictured here in 2011) use space-age tech such as carbon fiber and Kevlar. Getty Images