Ukraine through the eyes of a protester

Published 11:43 AM ET, Tue January 28, 2014
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Ukraine native Freddy UA has been documenting Ukraine protests since they erupted in Kiev in November 2013. He captured these images of the demonstrations on January 24. Courtesy Freddy UA
Protests started in reaction to the Ukrainian government's failure to sign a trade agreement with the European Union, which many interpreted as a turn away from Europe and toward Russia instead. Courtesy Freddy UA
Protests continued even after allegations of police brutality and government intimidation. Courtesy Freddy UA
Despite the cold, protesters started camping out on the streets of Kiev to keep the protesting momentum going, says Freddie UA. Courtesy Freddy UA
Protesters want a civil discourse with the Ukrainian government without the fear of retaliation, he says. Courtesy Freddy UA
"For protesters, it looks dangerous because on the other side of the barricades there are still a large number of police who are on duty," says Freddie UA of this image. Courtesy Freddy UA