CNN reporter taken on surprise Aleppo trip

Published 2:06 PM ET, Thu January 23, 2014
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While reporting on the ground in Damascus, CNN reporter Frederik Pleitgen and other journalists were taken on a surprise trip by government forces to Aleppo, Syria, the epicenter of the almost three-year civil war. Above is the Soviet-made Yakovlev YAK-40 airplane that carried the journalists to the war zone, and the first civilian aircraft to land in the city since December 2012. Click through see other images taken by Pleitgen on his government-guided tour of Aleppo. Frederik Pleitgen/CNN
Aleppo as seen from a Syrian government position. Frederik Pleitgen/CNN
A church in downtown Aleppo. Frederik Pleitgen/CNN
A destroyed cable factory in Tal Hasil, near the Aleppo airport. Frederik Pleitgen/CNN
A Syrian military position. Frederik Pleitgen/CNN
A demonstration in support of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad erupted near the Aleppo airport. Frederik Pleitgen/CNN