See-through sea creatures

Updated 1:30 PM ET, Wed January 22, 2014
RESTRICTED 01 see through fishRESTRICTED 01 see through fish
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This creature baffled a New Zealand fisherman, but scientists think he grabbed a salp, which feeds on plankton, and is translucent to avoid predators. Check out some other see-through creatures found under the sea. CONAUGH FRASER/CATERS NEWS Agency
A young Antarctic icefish (Chaenocephalus aceratus) lives in Antarctica. Barcroft Media/Landov
A transparent sea cucumber (class Holothuroidea) shows its digestive system in Antarctica. Barcroft Media/Landov
Close-up of a ghost shrimp (family Caprellidae) camouflaged against a hydrozoan colony in Alicante, Spain. Barcroft Media/Landov
Transparent eel (order Anguilliformes) on a sandy seabed. Barcroft Media/Landov
Medusa stage of a Halitholus sp. hydrozoan in White Sea, Russia. Barcroft Media/Landov