Safe water transforms lives

Published 3:09 PM ET, Tue January 21, 2014
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A woman in Vilupuram, India, washes pots and pans at her new water point. With safe water at her home, she no longer has to make daily trips to the river. Matt Damon and Gary White co-founded Water.org, a nonprofit that helps communities achieve sustainable water systems. Click through to see the work they are doing throughout the world: Praveen Sundaram
White, left, and Damon visit students and teachers at BWDA Middle School in Kolliyangunam, a village near Chennai, India. Hygiene education programs at this school have reduced the number of sick days for students and encouraged families to improve their sanitation facilities. Praveen Sundaram
A young boy takes a bath at a public water stand post near Uttar Bishli, Bangladesh. Water.org
Gary White visits a community in need of safe water near Pigñon, Haiti. Adam Huggins/Water.org
A woman draws water from a collection tank. Borrowers in Kenya are using WaterCredit loans to purchase large water storage tanks. These water tanks provide additional income to families, who sell the water to neighbors or irrigate gardens and fields for better crops. Water.org
White, left, and Damon talk with people who have WaterCredit loans. Praveen Sundaram
People collect water from a new water source at Mbeme Primary School in Kisumu, Kenya. Water.org