CNN Student News - January 21, 2014

CNN Student News - 01/21/14
CNN Student News - 01/21/14


    CNN Student News - 01/21/14


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January 21, 2014
Kenneth Bae is a U.S. citizen who's being held in a North Korean prison. Today, CNN Student News explains why many questions surround Bae's detention. We also look into what a presidential proposal would and would not change about the U.S. National Security Agency, and we see how some Americans marked the MLK Day of Service.
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Media Literacy Question of the Day:
How might different kinds of news content be used as a resource for the study of history?
Key Concepts: Identify or explain these subjects you heard about in today's show:
1. Kenneth Bae
2. National Security Agency (NSA)
3. Martin Luther King Jr.
Fast Facts: How well were you listening to today's program?
1. Who is Kenneth Bae? In what country is he being held? Why does that country say he was arrested? How has his mother responded?
2. What announcement did President Obama make regarding NSA surveillance? According to the video, what are the most significant policy changes that will be made? What are some critics saying about these proposals?
3. What important event in the Civil Rights Movement included Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech? When did this event take place?
4. According to the video, what team is known as the biggest underdog in bobsledding? What is currently holding the team back from competing in the Sochi Olympics?
Discussion Questions:
1. Do you believe that Kenneth Bae's statement is sincere? Why or why not?
2. What is your opinion of the NSA's surveillance programs? Do you think they are necessary for U.S. security, or do you think they overstep personal privacy? Explain.
3. What do you know about Martin Luther King Jr. and his role in the Civil Rights Movement? Why do you think that the March on Washington was such a pivotal moment in this movement?
4. What is the Jamaican bobsled team doing to raise cash? Do you have any other ideas for generating the money they need to go to Sochi? Explain.
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