SUV driver whose beating by bikers was caught on video files intent to sue NYC

Story highlights

  • Alexian Lien was attacked September 29 on a Manhattan street
  • Video showed Lien being dragged from his SUV and beaten
  • Two New York City police officers are alleged to have taken part in the attack
  • Legal notice says city was negligent in hiring and training cops
An SUV driver whose beating at the hands of a group of bikers was captured on video has filed a legal notice of his intent to sue the city of New York and off-duty police officers allegedly involved in the attack, the city's legal department said Saturday.
The man, Alexian Lien, alleges that the city was negligent in the hiring and training of its police officers and claims that it failed "to respond to a known danger," according to the documents.
Lien was driving on a Manhattan highway with his wife and 2-year-old daughter on September 29 when his SUV was surrounded by bikers who tried to get him to stop, video taken at the scene showed. Lien drove away, but the bikers later caught up to him in traffic, according to police. Video showed a man later identified as Lien being dragged out of the vehicle by some of the bikers, who used their helmets to attack him and kicked his head and body as he lay on the ground.
Lien suffered two black eyes and cuts on his face and side, requiring stitches, police said.
Lien was attacked by an "unruly mob of motorcycle riders," according to the documents. His alleged attackers included police officers, prosecutors said. In the claim, Lien names two officers, including Wojceich Braszczok, who was charged with first-degree gang assault and first-degree assault -- both felonies -- and third-degree criminal mischief in connection with the assault.
Calls to Braszczok's attorney were not returned.
Lien's wife, Rosalyn Ng, and his daughter also appear as claimants. They are seeking more than $75,000 each in damages.
Police said Lien was chased by the bikers after his vehicle bumped one during a bike rally. When his Range Rover was surrounded by several bikers, Lien called 911, told police he feared for his life and drove off. The SUV ran over some of the bikers and critically injured one before being overtaken.
Lien was treated and released from a hospital after the incident. He was not charged.
Eleven people were indicted on assault and other charges for the attack. Court appearances are scheduled for late February.
Calls to Lien's attorney were not returned.