Teen killed after shooting several people, including ATF agent, police say

Story highlights

  • All the victims shot by the 19-year-old are expected to survive
  • Two ATF agents were in the area and helped search for the suspect
  • One was shot; the other was injured by shattered glass
A teen was shot and killed Thursday night in Oklahoma after shooting several people, including an ATF agent, police said.
All the victims shot by the 19-year-old are expected to survive, police said.
The teen, identified as Henry Jackson, was killed at 9:30 p.m. Thursday after going on a two-day crime spree, said Sgt. Ryan Hunnicutt of the Ardmore Police Department.
Authorities say the incident started on Wednesday night when a 19-year-woman called 911 and said she had been shot in the arm.
Henry Jackson  shot at two ATF agents before being killed, police say.
About four blocks away from that shooting, another man was shot in the hip Thursday afternoon. Officers began to gather information that pointed to Jackson as a suspect in both incidents, Hunnicutt said.
Local police officers were searching for Jackson and two ATF agents in the area for a different matter joined the search.
The agents found Jackson in a car Thursday evening. He opened fire on them, wounding one, the ATF said. A second agent was injured by shattered glass.
One of the agents was treated at the scene, the other was hospitalized with minor injuries.
Later, Ardmore police saw Jackson traveling in a Ford Taurus and a chase ensued. The suspect fired at officers, Hunnicutt said, and officers fired back, killing him.