5 reasons new diets fail (and how to avoid them)

Between constant temptations and an ever taunting scale, losing weight is far from easy.

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  • Before you being, make sure your chosen plan feels sane and sustainable
  • If you don't hit a double digit loss in the first week, don't assume it's not working
  • Upping your intake of healthy foods may lead to more bloating
  • Celebrate your own success with frequent, small rewards to avoid temptations
The start of the new year is the ultimate opportunity to undo the holiday damage, make a fresh start and resolve to avoid the indulgences that have left you feeling less-than-confident about your body.
To get results that won't fizzle out before February, check out my previous post "5 questions to ask before trying any diet" on Health.com, as well as the tips below for coping with the challenges that often go along with a new quest to shed pounds.
Confusion over which approach is best
The top question I'm asked these days is, "What should I do?!" Nearly everyone I talk to feels overwhelmed about the myriad of popular approaches others swear by, many of which are drastically different from each other, including detoxes and cleanses, ditching carbs and eating like a caveman, going gluten free, and becoming vegan.
I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all, but in my 15+ years counseling clients, I do know this: if a particular approach doesn't feel right for you, it will surely backfire.
For example, I recently had a client who, before working with me, had cut out all carbs, including whole grains, fruit, and most veggies. Despite struggling with fatigue, headac