Brother and sister team connecting buyers to sellers

Updated 11:58 AM ET, Wed January 22, 2014
Tohoza online directory rwandaTohoza online directory rwanda
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Siblings Chance Tubane and Patience Nduwawe are the founders of Tohoza, Rwanda's top online classified ad directory with some 9,000 visitors per day. Jessica Ellis/CNN
The young entrepreneurs have joined their talents to provide key information to Rwandans and bring connectivity to the country. Jessica Ellis/CNN
Currently, the siblings are Tohoza's only staff -- Tubane, a communications graduate, is in charging of marketing and PR campaigns, while her brother is handling IT issues. Jessica Ellis/CNN
Tubane says the main motivation behind Tohoza is to present a positive image of Rwanda and give hope to its people. Jessica Ellis/CNN
Although is company is barely making a profit, its two founders have big plans for the future. Jessica Ellis/CNN
By next year, they aim to advance Tohoza so visitors can navigate its information without an internet connection, using the simplest of phones. Jessica Ellis/CNN