Aaron Hernandez sits in the courtroom during his hearing on August 22, 2013 in Massachusetts.

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The revelation was contained within newly unsealed court documents

In the 2012 double homicide, two men were shot outside a Boston nightclub

Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is charged in a 2013 homicide

CNN  — 

For the first time, newly unsealed court documents reveal police directly suggested that former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez may have pulled the trigger in an unsolved Boston double homicide in July 2012.

“There is … probable cause to believe that Aaron Hernandez was operating the suspect vehicle used in the shooting homicides … and may have been the shooter,” a now-unsealed June 2013 warrant reads.

The warrant was used to search a Toyota 4Runner linked to Hernandez that, according to court documents, was seen at the scene of the crime by witnesses the night of the murders.

Victims Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado were fatally shot in a 2003 BMW. Two others in the car survived.

The warrant granted permission to search the SUV for gun residue. The vehicle was recovered at Hernandez’ uncle’s home in Bristol, Connecticut.

The search warrant also granted permission to seize a bag of clothing with Hernandez’s name on it that was found at that home.

It’s unclear what was found in the bag and no document detailing what was removed from the house has been released.

Police are looking for clothing and jewelry worn by Hernandez the night of the double homicide, including a baseball hat, a T-shirt, sneakers and a beaded necklace.

Hernandez is seen on a nightclub video surveillance camera wearing those same items, according to the search warrant, which is partially redacted.

No charges have been filed and authorities have not commented publicly on the investigation.

But as as CNN has previously reported, a grand jury has been looking into whether Hernandez played a role in the drive-by shooting, according to law enforcement sources.

That 2012 shooting is separate from a 2013 killing in which Hernandez is charged and awaiting trial.

Hernandez, 24, was indicted for first-degree murder and weapons charges by a different grand jury in August 2013, in the shooting death of his friend Odin Lloyd. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty.