Female bodyguards find niche in China

Updated 1:53 AM ET, Wed January 15, 2014
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A female recruit during training at the Tianjiao International Security Academy in Beijing. Yang Yang
More and more women are enrolling on the course, according to the academy's founder Chen Yongqing. Yang Yang
The training is tough and some students quit, Chen said. Yang Yang
But, contrary to popular belief, women are less likely to quit than men, Chen added. Yang Yang
Trainees must crawl through mud and undergo other endurance training. Yang Yang
During training, recruits must stay awake for 24 hours without rest. Yang Yang
Female bodyguards are popular among China's rich because they blend in, Chen said. Yang Yang
Some take the course to test themselves and not all become bodyguards on completion. Yang Yang
As well as how to physically protect their employer, trainees are taught skills like wine tasting so they can communicate effectively with their bosses, Chen said. Yang Yang
China has the biggest number of dollar billionaires after the United States and demand for personal protection is growing, Chen said. Yang Yang
A group of students practice in Beijing's freezing winter weather. Yang Yang
Trainees say the course is brutal. Yang Yang